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25-08-2007 09:31:51

here is my problem= yesterdey i created a post for green 4 green trades only, i made sure it said green 4 green only. then i received a pm from some1 asking for my ref link. usually i am not this careless, so i at first sent an email asking if it was a green trade and then i immediately sent another pm with my link. i know is partially my fault, what should i do?


25-08-2007 10:30:50

To contact a mod, click on the moderators link under the scammers & problem trader section. Do not contact the admin though. Also, never send your link in a pm. Always use the module. If someone doesn't want to use the module, it's probably because they are a scammer.


25-08-2007 12:14:22

I am not sure I understand what your problem is here...that you sent them your ref link?


25-08-2007 21:42:54

Have you tried contacting the person you PMed? Just to double check with them about the situation? Also, did you set up a trade in the trade module? ... if not, then they are more at risk than you, until you either do their site or have to pay them.


29-08-2007 06:43:14

never mind the person i was trading with was blueipod, chances r he will go red. if he doesnt i will probably will pay him.


29-08-2007 11:55:20

I wouldn't pay him anyways, he doesn't deserve it for the numerous people hes scammed.


29-08-2007 19:50:51

give the money to people who he scammed, if they didnt get their refund that is.