stoogepid good or bad ?

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21-08-2007 04:16:58

I got a request from "stoogepid" to pay in advanced
normally I wouldn't even cinsider it
but she has masive TR
so I was going to do it (anything for greens hehehe)
then I figured I would do a search on her name and found this
it has me wondering if I should even deal with her letalone pay in advanced
but it's an extreamly old post
has anyone dealt with her more reacently ?

Big War Bird

21-08-2007 05:38:25

56 TR is not massive.

My advice is to not pay in advance to anyone that you the slightest reservation about.


21-08-2007 05:46:50

well it looks masive to me hehehe
but then im just at 14


21-08-2007 07:30:27

My aim is not stoogepid. I don't use aim.

So I don't know where that post came from. D


21-08-2007 13:39:30

and it is so old
I don't know what to think
but it's a really bad sign