No communication from rampage575

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20-08-2007 09:33:06

Paid 30 for a green on trainn's on the 15th, I know it's only been 5 days been he hasn't been online since then.

I've checked his past feedback in this thread and he did have some issues with coming and going but he said he did the offer already and it hasn't green ed yet.

Another member contacted me and told me the same thing, that he lied about doing the offer since they contacted Trainn and Trainn said something different than what Rampage575 said.

I have no issues with the guy, it's just that if you say this and that, stand behind it and don't get caught lying....

He's gone AWOL again... and my wallet is $30.00 slimmer.


20-08-2007 10:00:36

I am that guy he mentions. Rampage claimed he did 2 offers for me on August 12th so I contacted TRAINN saying it was ridiculous that 2 offers would not credit. TRAINN told me he clicked one offer, not two and they have no proof he did the first one. I lost $25 to this guy and he was my last referral. That was the last money I had in my paypal account since he was going to be the man to finish my site up and get me a cash out. I am not calling him a scammer it is just he has not replied in 8 days. Should I file a complaint with paypal?


20-08-2007 10:20:10

I also have been rying to make contact over a green4green trade with no success


20-08-2007 10:46:47

5 days certainly isn't enough to post a scammer thread. You should have contacted a mod if you had concerns, but everybody is due the same benefit of the doubt and so you should give him at least 2 weeks of no contact.

If after 2 weeks have passed and things aren't resolved, feel free to PM a mod and ask that this topic be unlocked.