Beware of user: th3on3

Live forum:


18-08-2007 19:16:36

It's pretty obvious from this user's post, but wanted to check it out still.

As soon as I contacted him via PM and on AIM about setting the trade up in the trade module and starting everything the right way, he immediately blocked me. But he remained online to possibly snag unknowing newbies.



18-08-2007 19:44:28

He doesn't exist, typo?


18-08-2007 19:50:50

That's his screen name on AIM. He claims he's paying $60 and $120 for sites that only pay out $40 and $50/ref. His username on FiPG is th3on3.

He's definitely a scammer. I was talking to him on AIM to try and fool him and he makes himself think that he's a real cool kid. But he's not.

So yeah, traders beware of th3on3 and th3on389.


20-08-2007 06:21:25

Banned him.