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17-08-2007 11:41:04

Hello everyone,i'm not getting my hopes up,but then again i'm on top of the world,my name has come up for a transplant,but after what happened last time i won't feel anything till they put the sleeping iv in my arm.
They are doimg a cross match right now to see if we both match and won't know for about 4-5 hours from now.


17-08-2007 11:44:19

Good luck.


17-08-2007 11:54:53

If I may ask, what are trying to get a transplant for?


17-08-2007 11:58:55

it's for a Kidney/Pancreas


17-08-2007 14:49:24

I hope everything works out for you!! God bless... 8)


17-08-2007 15:21:19

Hi there!

I sure hope this one goes as planned...please when you have the strength, let us know how you are doing...many are concerned about you, and will be anxious to hear you are safe and sound.

My prayers and thoughts are with you! And congratulations dance

Margot D


17-08-2007 15:23:03

Wow, I hope it all works out this time. You are in my prayers.


17-08-2007 15:42:49

I will say a prayer for you!
Good Luck and God Bless!

Big War Bird

17-08-2007 16:18:52

Good Luck! Throwing a little Karma your way too.


17-08-2007 18:44:23

Thank you everyone,but again they gave it to the primary patient,i was it has happened and i1st backup,so now it means i'm #1,At least this time i didn't fly there to be told i waited at home waiting for the cal all afternoon.
So this doesn't happen again i'll let everyone know after it has happened and i'm lying in the bed recuperating.
But thank you all the prayers and well wishes won't go to waste cause i'll remember and it will make me feel good.Thank you


17-08-2007 22:01:58

I wish you nothing but the best microplane , my prayers are out to you as well. Take care!


19-08-2007 08:50:39