RBecker and yankee_fan - SCAMMER (same user)

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15-08-2007 04:19:05

I had a trade with RBecker for yourfreeiphone paying $27. Since his TR was almost double mine I paid upfront. We went red on monday. I have contacted him via PM for a refund. I had contacted a mod to avoid any additional problems that I may have with getting a refund and was recommended to post here to see if any one else had any problems. So has anyone else had any trouble with RBecker?


16-08-2007 12:23:39

He went red on my yourps34free.com site as well. I had contact with him and he said he would refund me once he got the money from an auction he was awaiting payment for. I haven't heard from him in a couple days. I also paid him upfront. He owes me $30 and I haven't contacted a mod because we were talking and I was hoping to get it resolved without any reporting.


16-08-2007 13:39:39

He had assured me that he had resolved all of his issues, so I briefly restored his trading privileges. However, new reports started coming in almost immediately, so his privileges have been revoked again.


16-08-2007 15:01:19

Crap, he did Yourfreeflatscreen. Still green but not for long I gather.


16-08-2007 15:50:24

He hasn't been on since 08/12 so I'm hoping we can't get this resolved without opening a paypal dispute.


16-08-2007 16:10:55

I just got another email from him, he said he didn't have the money and was still waiting for it and said he would pay. If I don't have anything by saturday I'm going to go ahead and start a claim.


16-08-2007 18:44:05

I received my refund


17-08-2007 08:02:32

He went red on my desktopcomputer site. I had 14 greens before I left for vacation and came back to 10 and today I'm down to 9. Where are all the honest traders???????!!!! cry


19-08-2007 05:25:56

He is red on YourFreeVideoIpods! I am filing a Paypal dispute and contacting a mod. This is getting ridiculous! I've had 3 reds this week!

Big War Bird

21-08-2007 05:54:34

Went red on gaming.free4me for me


21-08-2007 08:26:43

I just edited this thread's title to reflect new information. RBecker and yankee_fan are the same user, and both are confirmed scammers.

File PayPal disputes against them NOW and report their reflinks to every site they've pursued.


21-08-2007 11:26:29

He did 2 sites for me and so far he is still green...I sure hope he doesn't go red.