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13-08-2007 21:58:29

Do not do reallyitsfree. The site owner is a thief!
I had 14 referrals on the site. 7 of those referrals green and cashed out 5 of them. the other referrals were still in the process of going green or had gone red for strange reasons.

While I was waiting to be paid they changed the site completely over. I was told that I had to sign up at the new site. I was also told that I would have acces to the status of my referrals at the old site, which I do not. I have been trying to get ahold of the status for over a month now. I finally got a list yesterday. The list I got was not a list of the status but just a list of the email addresses of my referrals.
I told the owner of the site thatI already have those emails. This does not help me at all. The owner did not understand why I would need the status of my referrals. DUH!!! This person has no clue if they dont understand why I would want to know the status of my referrals!
The owner then went on to say that I only had 6 referrals green when I cashed out the site, even though I had 7 last time I checked. So then I said that they still owed me for 1 referral if that was true. Then the owner said that most of my referrals had went red but they had paid me anyway. (like they were doing me a favor!) They also tried to give another excuse saying that the reason they do not owe me is that they changed the referral structure of the site. I have documented proof of what they said they would pay me from conversations on AIM. I also had proof on the sute in the support tickets. I do not have acces to that info though.... Only the site has that info.


14-08-2007 12:28:50

Thanks for the head up. This sound pretty bad. Did u get paid by 'em period???


14-08-2007 21:58:18

Originally Posted by ReallyItsfree
[quotee7ccf56fae][be7ccf56fae]I don't understand[/sizee7ccf56fae][/be7ccf56fae] what you're disputing. We paid you $200 last month for these refs. These refs in questions went towards that $200. [/quotee7ccf56fae]

[be7ccf56fae]Well everybody. See the problem. This site owner just does not understand! He says it himself!!!![/be7ccf56fae][/sizee7ccf56fae][/colore7ccf56fae]

[be7ccf56fae]I am not disputing my payment. Below is my payment for the 5 referrals for $200 I cashed out.[/sizee7ccf56fae] But what about the other 9 referrals[/sizee7ccf56fae]. Did they go green? Are they on Hold? Should I pay them? Do I need to file a paypal dispute? And which ones did I get paid for anyway?[/colore7ccf56fae] [/sizee7ccf56fae] I just don't know![/sizee7ccf56fae] [/colore7ccf56fae] [/be7ccf56fae]

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