Bizforself did a houdini and disappeared..know him? Owes Me!

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13-08-2007 18:34:40

Bizforself is a BIG SMELLY SCAMMER WHO OWES ME $60. We had a Green for Green trade set up, I did my end, greened on Allforone for him and he was to green on my site, well after hearing his "oh feel sorry for me" excuses, c'mon, I've got more to feel sorry about than him, anyway, he told me this, "I don't think I will be able to complete your site but I'll just pay you $60 cash for the green on Allforone, that's well more than it was worth, but since you waited so long, I'll give you $60. I'm waiting to cash out on ______?____? site then I'll pay you" Oh yea, I'm still waiting that was about 2 months ago! So if anyone hears from him or talks to him tell him that he's a real DOG and he owes me money! If you can find this guy, I'll send you a finders fee!
Does he owe anyone else?
Oh and he is banned by the way, the wonderful mod KeithA told me that he is BANNED!