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12-08-2007 19:54:52

amc5kids agree to pay me $30 on green for This was in june... After going green he ignore me! Finally after a couple of weeks I have keitha send him message and that got him to reply and he say that he was waiting to make sure I stay green, so I leave him alone for about a week and a half. Then he just ignore me again........

Scammers suck!! Be carefull trading with this one.


12-08-2007 20:25:58

Contact Trainn and tell them the situation and then they can do something with his account. If he still has that account, he can put them on hold and he will get screwed.

I had someone do that to me one time and I went and contacted trainn and asked them to move me as a referral for this guy and they did it within a day. That guy that I greened for, got banned.