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09-08-2007 22:32:22

Taken care of now.


09-08-2007 22:42:43

PM a mod, they can help. KeithA is a big help, you might try him.


10-08-2007 04:32:40

Do you know if this person's email= is is If so they went red on dvdrecorders4free.


10-08-2007 06:29:12

[quoted327d58210="Rabbitizer"]I paid lovefigf $30 to go green on my site I sent a pm and he responded to the first one but no response since. Hoping to get this resolved.[/quoted327d58210]

hey .i can't online all day.can you online here all day ??????
i just see your new dont worry i solve it now


10-08-2007 08:36:52

[quote0d0622e5df="diamond22"]Do you know if this person's email= is is If so they went red on dvdrecorders4free.[/quote0d0622e5df]

but isn't me.


10-08-2007 08:37:56

hi .Rabbitizerurl==http://=http:///url .i have refunded to you .thanksurl==http://=http:///url


10-08-2007 10:47:52

Yes Lovefigf has refunded me and all is good now. Thanks lovefigf for the fast response.

Mods please delete this thread anytime


10-08-2007 10:51:45

Is there anyone else with an ongoing issue with this user?


10-08-2007 11:14:45

lovefigf has gone red on and the email address was not the same as listed above. I have contacted them and they quickly responded that they were trying to take care of it. I am waiting to see what they can do about it.


10-08-2007 11:26:28

lovefigf has gone RED for me at 3604free. We first agreed that he would do another site for me in place of that red, but now I am going to PM him for a refund. I will let you know when this issue is taken care of.



10-08-2007 11:28:00

Clay, please edit your sig. It is much too large. Looks like you just need to create a Trading Post topic with all the sites you're looking for, then just put a link to it in your sig.


10-08-2007 11:50:56

CJay...this trader has supposedly gone GREEN for me on 360Elite4Free too roll
I'm at work...and can't get on the TRAIN site to check, but did receive a PM from them stating they were GREEN???

Tholek...thanks for reaching out to me about this user. Very much appreciated!! ... wink


10-08-2007 12:10:08

Hey I'm sorry about changing the topic. I didn't know others had problems with him too.


11-08-2007 14:11:17

lovefigf went red on dvdrecorders4free. I have pm'd them asking for a refund.


14-08-2007 14:58:47

lovefigf went red on yournintendowii4free.

I have pm'd them asking for a refund, and also filed a claim with PayPal.

No responses.


15-08-2007 08:30:01

If you all haven't filed Paypal disputes already, I recommend you do so now. This individual is a resident of China, and as such, not eligible to complete referral sites, nor trade for them.


18-08-2007 11:27:12

Paypal resolved my claim against lovefigf and decided in my favor. Money paid to lovefigf was refunded.

The name used by lovefigf, according to paypal, is Evan Smith.

Paypal e-mail address is