If anyone was scammed for a trade for Gift-A-Palooza

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09-08-2007 15:37:31

Please send me your referral ID. The site owner is the one who was creating trades on FiPG, A4F and FLR for GIFT-A-PALOOZA or his other free sites which are


Do not continue to work on this site or his other sites. Only send me your referral ID if you were scammed by one of the various spammers/banned users who pushed these sites through PMs or trade threads.

It is unlikely you will be paid out for these sites or your trades. I am currently researching his Revenue Universe account for fraud concerning what we call Green Harvesting. Which is a site owner acting like a user to gather greens for his site and then vanishes or does not pay for these trades. It is a direct violation of our terms and conditions.