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09-08-2007 13:00:27

I'll be leaving tonight and will be returning on Saturday as I am the Maid of Honor in my baby sister's wedding. It's going to be a difficult wedding for 2 reasons first, my brother is currently training his Marine's to head back to Iraq in the fall, so he won't be able to make it = ( and second...I don't really think this wedding is a good idea. But she's 21 yrs old and can make her own decisions, so I'll be back in a couple days!!
Happy Trading!!

EDIT The wedding was awesome. But we came home to a sick dog. His anal gland ruptured. POOR THING!!! So, $400 later, I need to get to work. Thanks for your well wishes ladies!


09-08-2007 14:35:58

Have a blast!!! See ya when you get back!! D


09-08-2007 19:39:16

Hope you have fun and I hope your brother stays safe and I am sure that your sister will do fine. Withre marriage will surprize youall or she will learn from her mistakes. Anyways try to tie a good one on for me!


13-08-2007 11:52:24



13-08-2007 13:29:59

Welcome back and sorry to hear about your dog.. o(