Need help from a moderator re: being scammed

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07-08-2007 08:42:08

I offered $20.00 for green on gearfree4me. A person(s) said they would do it for $25.00 but I would have to pay first because of their greater TR. I did pay, via paypal up front. They said they did not like the offers and will not send my money back. I have contacted them the promised to pay, but have not. They no longer answer my PMs. Thanks, breid


07-08-2007 08:55:07

My advice to you would be not to pay first. I had the same thing happen to me & the person had a TR of 161. I'll never pay first again. There are plenty of people that will do it now that your TR is 6. I'd rather be safe than sorry. scammers are running wild these days.


07-08-2007 09:54:47

Probably in relation to his other thread http//[]http//


07-08-2007 11:43:31

First of all, there was no need to create a 2nd thread about this, when it's apparent that you're still talking about rocknroll.

Second, you were told to PM a mod in the other thread. You have not done so. rocknroll hasn't been back to the forum since 8/1, so there was no way for him to respond to your PM's since then. I also don't see anything where he said he refused to pay you. Since we normally allow someone two weeks to reconcile a trade transaction before we get involved (as per the trading rules & guidelines), he still has some time yet.

Regarding paying first paying first to a higher TR is normal procedure here, and to be expected. If people aren't willing to do that, then you probably won't get a lot of trades unless it's with newbies, which on the whole is a far greater risk than experienced traders. That said, high TR's are not above being stupid, and when it happens, we'll deal with it as best we can. Bottom line is this hobby (and it IS a hobby, not a job) is not without a certain amount of risk.

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