Sumgloryblinkday not completing his end of trade

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06-08-2007 02:07:10

I entered into a trade with "sumgloryblinkday". He agreed to green on Primodinero Blu-Ray, for which I agreed to pay him $40.00. He greened and I paid him, and the trade was completed.

On July 2nd, I noticed that he was no longer green. I notified him. He was slow to respond. When he did respond, he agreed to restore the green within a day or two.

It has been over a month and still no green. Although he received them, sumgloryblinkday stopped responding to my PM's.

About a week ago,I contacted a moderator and also notified sumgloryblinkday that I was doing so. Still no response from sumgloryblinkday.

I contacted the same moderator again before posting here. My latest PM to sumgloryblinkday is still unread.


06-08-2007 06:44:00

He signed up for me on allforone.ygf - TWICE with yahoo email addresses that were almost identical. He greened with one of them, but was put on hold for having multiple accounts.


09-08-2007 07:13:05

This user is on hold on Primo for multiple accounts also.

Do not trade with him!!

Mods - some attention to this please...?


14-08-2007 10:18:04

His trading privileges have been suspended for weeks, and I just set his TR to -1 and changed his rank.


14-08-2007 10:58:59