****Kidlntg went RED of 4 of my COT Sites****

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28-07-2007 13:30:39

Beware!!! Site Admin on the network says that this user has been caught doing the sites over and over again under different email addresses, and repeating offers over again...He got me for $100 for 4 sites and has not acknowledged any of my attempts to retrieve my Stolen Money!


28-07-2007 14:55:16

Did you contact a mod?


28-07-2007 15:30:48

He has gotten tons of people on FLR as well. All for COT sites. He posted that he wanted to do them, then did them over and over again. He pm'd me about doing cash.cot, and I set it up, then found out about his shenanigans, and canceled the trade. He has not been seen for days!

sandra habina

28-07-2007 17:17:02

He told me it was his friends doing the trades. Someone did gaming.customorderthis for me. I requested refund but have not heard from him. He is not red YET.

Big War Bird

28-07-2007 17:40:47

Passed approval on gaming.cot for less than two weeks ago.


29-07-2007 15:23:44

He also told me it was his friends doing the site. I just got paid on his ref for cash.cot, today as a matter of fact. I did however notice he was banned from FiPG...


31-07-2007 07:49:43

Has anybody got a refund or even heard from this guy?


31-07-2007 14:24:40

yeah.. mi madre almost got burned by him too.. i just dont really trust the ref broker thing myself.. CAN be too iffy.. and i never really understood WHAT the ref broker ACTUALLY GOT out of it ya know.. but i myself have been desperate for greens like the rest of you.. never went the ref broker route tho.. but i HAVE thought about it.. i DO honestly feel lucky that i havent been burned yet in the 5 months i been doin this.. and thanx to all who post here for the rest of us.. i am back to being active now and check these scammer threads frequently like i used to.. at LEAST they get weeded out quickly.. great community we have here and the honest ones will be ok if we all stick together

Shawn G.


31-07-2007 15:12:40

This individual resides in Vietnam, and thus, was not eligible to have completed most referral sites, nor traded for them. This is the reason he has been banned.


31-07-2007 15:19:41

damn.. is that the same agememnon guy i was just readin about?


31-07-2007 15:22:29

Probably not, as this is a problem in general, but it wouldn't surprise me.


31-07-2007 15:28:01

heh.. yeah like i said earlier.. ref brokeres.. never understood what they got out of it or trusted the deal really..glad they're exposed at least and hopefully nobody gets scammed again

sandra habina

02-08-2007 01:53:42

No Lance I have sent many PM's to him with no replies and no refund.


02-08-2007 07:32:48

He went red on my cash.customorderthis too. Have asked for refund and no replies.


06-08-2007 11:03:31

He also did cash and giftcards for me. Red on both and no refund


10-08-2007 11:20:05

After no contact from him, I went to PayPal and reported each incident individually, and after about a week.....PayPal refunded all of my monies....Still haven't heard frim Kidlntg.


10-08-2007 11:23:51

[quote0fc1183367="russgardner"]After no contact from him, I went to PayPal and reported each incident individually, and after about a week.....PayPal refunded all of my monies....Still haven't heard frim Kidlntg.[/quote0fc1183367]

I love monies! lol

sandra habina

13-08-2007 04:48:50

Which did you claim for paypal Russ? Service or ? Any info would be appreciated dear.


02-09-2007 11:52:21

kidlntg just went red on my gaming.cot site when I submitted! Dam! I see this thread has been running since July. Why did it take so long to ban him? And why didn't the cot site show him red before I submitted?

sandra habina

07-09-2007 06:41:59

Has anyone received a refund from him? Went red for me also.


07-09-2007 07:11:15

What email was he using?