crazysk8er1010 HAS GONE RED FOR 2 WEEKS

Live forum:

19-07-2007 13:21:50

The worst part is that I cant send pm's at the moment so I couldn't even notify a mod. The 5 day suspension of pm's seems to have permanently taken away my ability to send pm's because its been close to 2 weeks already where I could not send a pm. Crazysk8er1010 went red on computers.ordergitfsfree 2 weeks ago for using false information, and I would like a $75 refund.

Also, please restore my pm ability because I must send pm's to complete ongoing trades that I have right now - payments must be sent and being able to pm would really hasten the process

If any mod reads this, please help me. If you are not a mod, please point a mod to help me.

Thank you so much

20-07-2007 00:30:16

Mods I need help!


20-07-2007 04:18:38

I was about to ask which mod you had PMed, but then I noticed your situation. I just restored your PM access.

I'm looking into Crazysk8er1010. Sorry for the delay.

20-07-2007 08:53:58

I know he has a good track record but he went red on computers.ordergiftsfree for using false information

A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

False Information It has been found that you have provided false information, either to us or one of our affiliates through an offer.

22-07-2007 17:28:09

He was online today - i sent him another pm

25-07-2007 11:43:03

He pm'ed me today and said he was working on getting me my money.