Margot is Back! And so many thanks to all!

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18-07-2007 14:35:48

Hello all !

Am so glad to be back and have missed you all !! Have much catching up to do, and so many thank you's to pass along...I feel so awful for the worry this has caused, and am so very thankful for the friends I have here! A very special thank you to my Angel Sandy (sandra_habina) for being my go between and taking the time to keep you as up to date and in such a tactful manner.

My accident, unfortunately, was not car related, but rather a personal attack within my own home. I am sure I do not need to get too graphic for you to understand the meaning. A horrible thing to be sure, and one my children will have a difficult time to emotionally recover from, as they are the ones to have found me. Was in the hospital for a week, and on strick bed rest for another.

All is improving slowly yet quite well. I thank you all for your heartfelt prayers, well wishes, and sure they helped at the time and really made me feel so cared for as read them all. I truly feel blessed by all of you and thank you thank you thank you! D

I look forward to getting caught up and back on track, please have a bit of patience with me still...will be slow going...the pm's are enough to keep me quite busy for some time shock LOL

You have all put a nice smile on my face that hasn't been there for some time now...need to get back to the cheery me, and with all your help I will! Thanks to My Angel Sandy, and a big hug for all you did for me while gone!

Bless you all!! wink

Margot D


18-07-2007 14:41:05

Oh Margot, I'm so glad you're back! The forum hasn't been the same without you! I'm sorry to hear of what the accident was.. Stay strong, and keep your chin up! D


18-07-2007 14:57:12

Wow. Yes welcome back! D [/sizef98f221e27][/colorf98f221e27]


18-07-2007 15:17:00

It's nice to "see" you, Margot )

Don't forget... [iea9466ec8f]a new morning yet dawns...[/iea9466ec8f]


18-07-2007 16:01:34

Welcome Back, Margot!! Nice to have you back online. Things WILL get better - just take it slow.


18-07-2007 16:23:44

Welcome back, Margot. You know we all feel for you.


18-07-2007 18:03:39

Welcome back Margot, I am sorry to hear what happened. We are all glad you are back and recovering though. Hope everythings goin all right.


18-07-2007 18:22:33

Thank you again so very much glad to be back and working at this again. You have all been such a great help to me, you can never know!

Margot D


18-07-2007 20:52:34

My dear, dear friend. I'm soooo glad you are okay. Remember what I told you. I am here if you need me.

Love you, Sheila


18-07-2007 21:36:18

It is so good to have you back Margot! There are so many great people here for you! I am so sorry about the recent events, as you of all people deserve nothing but the best! We are here for you, and will help any way we can!


18-07-2007 22:45:36

Welcome back Margot hope you get back to "normal" soon and hope your child who found you gets ok,i'm sure when they she you healed they will feel better and hopefully ok.
Welcome back


19-07-2007 20:57:21

Welcome back sweetie. It is nice to see you back D


19-07-2007 23:05:24

Welcome back, Margot! We all missed you, so thanks for returning! -)


20-07-2007 19:26:17

Missed you so much. If you need anything let me know. If I can help in any small way I will. If you need to talk just pm me for my # anytime. all my love an affection. (Fred)


20-07-2007 22:56:29

I could have sworn I welcomed you back, but I guess with all the confusion I didn't. So, welcome back )


22-07-2007 11:47:39

Welcome is easy to see from all the well-wishes that you are an important part of this forum. Get well soon.


25-07-2007 10:39:02

Welcome back, Margot. You were missed and we are all glad you are here and recovering. Sorry about what happened. Glad you are moving on!!



25-07-2007 15:14:05

I'm so sorry...Welcome Back, and God Bless You and Yours!


25-07-2007 18:35:55

Wow, I have so many thank yous' to say, I hope you will allow me to do it all at once...

[be3f03e32f9]Bless all of your hearts for every kind word, your wonderful thoughts, and help along my journey of are all amazing, and have helped more than you know! I am doing much better![/be3f03e32f9][/colore3f03e32f9][/sizee3f03e32f9]

Margot D


26-07-2007 15:50:47

I'm glad you are feeling better Margot.[/size640a8fec41][/color640a8fec41] D


30-07-2007 11:28:53

Welcome back~~~what an incredible person you are!!!! I told Sandy that I believe God only gives us what we can handle...and I believe that the worst things happen to the best people because of that....because it's the most amazing people that can handle the worst of things!! Stay strong my dear friend and if you EVER need ANYTHING!!! Please don't hesitate to ask!! You have remained in my thoughts and prayers since I first learned of your accident and I will keep you there!!


30-07-2007 20:43:59

Once again, I am blessed to have so many people who care, and thank you all!

Am so glad to be up and feeling 100% now! A bit of rest now and then, and am back to having plenty of blond moments...yeah, back to me lol lol lol lol lol

Missed you Casey! You are so sweet, and considerate. As you all are!

I've said it before, but I know all your prayers and well wishes helped me and my children along the way.

Margot D

[bed86b73677]EDIT 08-04-07[/bed86b73677][/colored86b73677] Am going to ask admin to lock both of the threads regarding my accident be locked so that they will go down the always, I thank you so much!


05-08-2007 18:17:23

Uber lock'd. http//[" alt=""/imgb805599532]