Has anyone heard from soon2bbriz?

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17-07-2007 11:44:18

This user set up a trade with me over three weeks ago. I paid upfront because their TR was higher. They said they were leaving & would be back around the 2nd of July. I haven't heard anything from this person. Has anybody else?

I'll never pay upfront again!!!!!


18-07-2007 06:05:30

Their last post was June 28th ... you might try PMing a mod about this.


18-07-2007 06:09:16

[quoted4c04f3387="moviemadnessman"]Their last post was June 28th ... you might try PMing a mod about this.[/quoted4c04f3387]

I did last week. They told me to wait another week. I did, but I haven't heard back from the mod I pm'd.


18-07-2007 06:13:27

Oh? Which mod haven't you heard back from?


18-07-2007 06:32:02

dmorris68 is the mod I first talked to last week. I pm'd him yesterday morning, but haven't heard anything yet. Should I contact another one? The screwy thing is that she has a TR of 161. I thought I was safe. I live on a fixed income, so losing $25 is a lot to me.


18-07-2007 07:24:09

If it has been 48 hours since you last PMed a mod, you can PM another one. I'd personally recommend KeithA for situations like this (although, all the mods are highly qualified).

Hopefully it gets worked out.


19-07-2007 16:00:49

My personal experience with Soon2bbriz went very well. I paid up front just like you and he stuck to his end of the trade. I'm thinking maybe he just cant get to his computer or something, although 3 weeks is a lot of time. I guess just let the mods handle this one. Just lettin ya know that he did get me my green like promised, I hope you get yours too.


19-07-2007 18:28:22

Sorry, I've been swamped with PM's and just don't always have the time to look into each one. I still have a lot of unread PM's in my box.

I've looked for your second PM but don't see it. Did you delete it before I could read it?

While soon2bbriz has a good reputation here, she hasn't been back here to the forums since 6/28, same as the last time you PM'd about her. If she's not here there isn't much we can do, but in the meantime I've PM'd her and restricted her trading privileges until she clears all this up.


19-07-2007 21:27:15

With what I have just experienced, can't help but be concerned. She has friends here too, and don't understand no contact from them, but can't imagine that she just got up and walked away on her own with all she had going on.

Might be nice for someone that knows her phone number to try and contact her....if there is something that has happened to her that she has no control over, it is possible that her family is unable to get to the forum or it may not even be a concern if something tragic has happened. God forbid !!

Doesn't anyone know her personally enough to try and get ahold of her?

Hits home to me, and can't get over no one knowing a thing. Just hope all is well with her.

Margot cry