can SUCK IT!

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17-07-2007 10:02:29

Do NOT take the offer unless you plan on getting charged 140 bucks BEFORE your free trail is over it has been 3 days and they have already charged me the full amount. Just a warning to everyone.


17-07-2007 10:04:58

Woah! That stinks. Have you contacted their Customer Support? Might just be an error. Sucks nonetheless. If you can't find resolution with their Customer Support, then definitely notify your bank of the fraudulent charge!

Thanks for the heads up. Hope you get that resolved without too much of a headache!


17-07-2007 12:56:08

I have called them multiple times already and they do NOT ANSWER CALLS. Looks like I am screwed.


17-07-2007 14:41:32

they did me the same way, go to their website email them and tell them whats going on and they'll refund you your money


17-07-2007 15:02:02

I did using the form on thier website no reply back yet how long does it take to refund?


17-07-2007 17:11:33

File a chargeback with your credit card.


23-07-2007 08:36:05

Ok heres the update I have attempted to call these people and they never answer I guess the call center is in England somwhere I have attempted to call during thier business hours 2 in the morning something like that. I submitted they cancel my order through the form on the website no answer confirmation nothing. The pending charge is no longer in my account. I am curious to know if they actually got my emails without responding back and got rid of the charge or if they are going to charge me anyways when the trail period is over. I am soooo confused and worried at the same time horrible company to deal with.


23-07-2007 13:32:51

Glad to see you no longer have the pending charge at least!