Wondislave (Resolved) and Jcs2020 (Not resolved)

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17-07-2007 09:05:06

I have messaged 2 mods and have not gotten a reply.

I am new to this forum (not new to trading). I set up a green for green trade with Jcs2020. I went first since I was the new kid on the block. I went green. Jcs2020 has done 1/2 credit on my site. I emailed him to see what was happening (if it was a delay in crediting or if he had not completed it). When I later checked the trade module, I see that he has requested deletion. Does this mean that he does no plan to honor our trade?

This post has been edited because Wondislave has done the trade. Thanks.


17-07-2007 09:09:25

For the first one, yes, requesting deletion of a trade usually implies that they aren't going to do the trade.

As to wondislave, he hasn't logged in since the 15th, so I wouldn't quite worry just yet.


19-07-2007 14:41:54

I can't seem to get in touch with a mod so maybe some of you experienced folks can help me. I contacted gifts.zpt and they said that I could have my credit moved under someone else. Since I would like to do that, should I also select "trade deletion" in the trade module? Also, am I allowed to "sell" my green like I would any other? Thanks.


19-07-2007 14:47:26

Yes, you are allowed to sell your green.

You don't need to select "trade deletion" in the trade module, since it will only be deleted if both users request deletion. Just hide the trade.

Just an update regarding Jcs2020 he was here a few days ago but still has outstanding issues. He'll probably be banned in a few days.


19-07-2007 15:37:30