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17-07-2007 08:48:57

As many of you know there has been delay after delay in prize shipments. Everyone is getting a little upset about the lack of information we are getting from YGF. Please use this thread to let everyone know how many people are waiting and how much or what prize they are waiting on. Please indicate when you submitted for your prize so we can all compare our stiuations.

I do NOT think YGF is scamming us and I do believe we will get paid but they need to be held accountable to us, The people who drive thrie business.

Please post.

I submitted on July 6 for a $100 paypal. (I saw this comming and cashed out early)


17-07-2007 09:06:29

There are quite a number of orders waiting for approval, dating back to July 1st.

And yes, everyone will get paid what they are due, it is just taking a while (for reasons unknown to me).


17-07-2007 15:10:00

There will be an announcement in 1-2 days. Please, use my forum, not this thread. Since it should be in my forum, and I check there more frequently.


17-07-2007 15:36:01

This thread is not intended for YGF to answer (or not answer) any questions. The owner of YGF has a thread. If you have a question ask it there. This thread is just a place where we can see just how far in the hole YGF really is. That question will be answered if you just post your prize and when you submitted it we will all have a better understanding of how big the problem is. There is no way posting your information here will change when you get paid so, Lets hear it. How many of us do they owe?


17-07-2007 15:59:42

This does NOT belong here. YGF has proven to be legit many times over. Just because you aren't happy with a delay in shipping prizes, doesn't give you the right to open a thread about the sites in the Scammer forum.

His TOS doesn't promise a timeframe, and I know the staff is doing their best. Knock it off, and be patient.