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16-07-2007 22:16:13

I wiil be offline for a few days i hope,for I just got the call i have been waiting on since last october.Since then i have been on the transplant list for a Kidney/Pancreas,so i will be catching a flight in a few hours and hopefully have the surgery tomorrow ( tues ) .
I was told i could bring my laptop with me so hopefully i will feel ok to get on by the end of the week.
I have a few trades set up if you complete don't worry you will get paid as soon as i'm able to they say they like people to try to get up and walk after a couple days so it won't be too long.
Thank you.


16-07-2007 22:36:06

Good luck to you microplane!! Please keep us updated on how you're doin!! )


17-07-2007 04:06:27

Good Luck!! I'm sure everyone will understand.


17-07-2007 06:32:38

Good luck Microplane...... hope all goes well!


18-07-2007 09:10:00

will say a prayer for your speedy recovery

sandra habina

18-07-2007 13:27:21

Oh my dear new friend - you are in my prayers. God speed and quick recovery for you. And you just take care of yourself. The trades will be here. Take care sweetie and keep us informed.


18-07-2007 20:13:06

sorry i jumped too soon but after i flew and took a cab to the hospital and had the pre op tests they told me they were having doubts about the donor,so i waited and waited,finally about 9pm they said no go you can go back home there was something wrong with the donors organs,so after getting there at 8am and staying till 10pm waiting for the op it didn't happen so this morning after spending the night in a hosp room i flew back and have been calling the drs and donor every name i can think of and then some.
Luckily the flight and hosp room was free but still i've been waiting 33 years for the pancreas 2 for the kidney,so guess i have to wait a little longer.
I want to thank everyone who left a note in the other post,thanks for caring and hopefully it won't be too long before i get it done.next time i will let you all know after the op while i'm recuperating that way i know it's been done.


18-07-2007 20:50:00

I hope you don't mind my merging the two. Those here might not have known the outcome without it posted here.


18-07-2007 21:40:54

Bless your heart !! What a terrible disappointment; I am so sorry that this one did not work out for you...will keep you in my prayers, and keep positive thoughts for a great outcome in a short time for you.

Take care, and keep up with that great attitude. The mind is a wonderfully powerful tool for healing.

Margot wink