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16-07-2007 09:44:03

Jcs went red on all three of my sites the same day. Now out of contact for several days yet recieves my messages. Was online several times before they figured out how to hide thier status!! Could have been an honest mistake being new, but why not contact me and work something out??


16-07-2007 10:21:05

pm a mod!!


16-07-2007 13:48:35

Done that a couple days ago. They were supposed to see what they could find out. So far nothing back.


28-07-2007 09:44:11

Still no response. Is this guy still on here.


28-07-2007 20:23:53

[quoteae81a0246c="abrown68"]Still no response. Is this guy still on here.[/quoteae81a0246c]Last post Thu Jul 12, 2007 524 pm.

It doesn't look good.


31-07-2007 14:40:14

yeah i HATE that no contact shit more than ANYTHING.. at LEAST let me know whats goin on if ANYTHING ya know.. loox like ya got burned for 75 bux.. really sorry about that.. i aint threadcrappin.. just hate to see all these scammer posts (.. and i know payin on approval is a very good scammer deterrant.. but we all know that hardly worx to get the refs.. only other thing i can think of which i have done and others.. is to ask the site after they green to take a quick look to see if they aint scammin before ya pay them on green.. i know the monster sites dont mind doin that.. i have done that a couple of times myself cuz i just ahd a feelin about a ref.. but thankfully they all checked out.. just an idea for ya