ldybug1752 is violating terms of trade

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16-07-2007 02:50:18

I am in trade with ldybug1752, green for cash, we agreed i am getting paid on green $25 plus $3 if i go green within 24 hours, i have gone green in less than 24 hours and sent PM with payment request, ldybug1752 replies with thank you that's awesome and wait till i verify your referral because she is worried about scammers, well i am not here to scam anyone and it's not a big deal to wait another day, but how about trade agreement, we agreed i am getting paid on green not on approval, that's a big difference, she is using misleading tactics to get referrals by promising payment on green and after trader goes green she is taken advantage of the situation and make them wait for approval
Is this acceptable trader conduct on Freeipodsguide?

from trade subject
"rocknroll does apple.cot for $25 on green, plus $3 bonus if green within 24 hours. Ldybug will pay on green via paypal."

ldybug1752 replies to my payment request
"Awesome job, thanks! I'm just waiting on pre-approval from the site owner. Since it's about 4 in the morning, I doubt it'll be tonight. I'm sure you'll stay green, just can't be too careful!

Thanks again, and I'll get back to you ASAP tomorrow!


PS- please let me know if you'd like to complete any other sites! "


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16-07-2007 07:11:00

Did you post to a mod first?? I hope so...it's really not fair if you don't give people a chance to respond to get things resolved. Their name gets dragged into this kind of thing before any attempts have been made to correct it.

I'm sure they were just making sure the green would STAY green as lots of time it can change within a couple hours.


16-07-2007 07:44:09

Sorry you guys feel this way. Rocknroll, the agreement was on green, yes, but every green I get is verified with the site owner. I happened to get your PM when you sent it in the middle of the night. You had until 6 PM tonight to green, so yeah, awesome job. I can't expect CustomOrderThis to be online at 4AM to check a ref for me.

ILoveToys, you're right. My mom wanted to get into trading, so I went to her apt and showed her how to do it. We spent a lot of time reading rules, going through PM spam (and reporting it) and I was showing her different things to look for when it comes to trading with someone. She actually explained to you what had happened about the confirming the trade. She meant to say "No" and clicked "Confirm", then letting you know that she was not able to do it. It wasn't that someone offered her more money, it was that you were not online at the time and she jumped on the next offer for that same site (since she was interested in doing TraInn sites).

She completed 2 successful trades, and isn't sure she's coming back for more. She did let everyone who she contacted know her status, and that she wouldn't be on the forum for the weekend.

Again, I'm sorry you guys feel this way. I would never scam anyone. I certainly don't have the intention to start.


16-07-2007 07:46:41

Payments on green should be paid on green. NOT oh I see ur green. Now let me run this through and make sure it stays green......sounds to me that is payment on approval. shock


16-07-2007 07:54:31

It's not approval. I'm sorry guys, I check everyone's green before I pay, that is NOT approval. Approval would be on approval. Final approval would be on payout. I pay on green. I check my refs.

There was no need to make this thread. I've always been a good trader and a quiet harmless, and what I like to think, helpful person on this forum. Rocknroll, you PMed me and posted here in less than an hour. I apologize again, but this was pretty unfair to put me in the scammer section.


16-07-2007 08:04:20

Payment has been sent. Thanks for putting my name in the Scammer section 40 minutes after contacting me and an hour after your green. (


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16-07-2007 09:27:24

[quote653abdd7a5="ILoveToys"]Your mom told me to set up the trade. I never contacted her, she contacted me about it, so I set it up and then she backed out. You can say it wasn't about a few bucks, but I know how it works...[/quote653abdd7a5]

I'm PMing you.


16-07-2007 14:45:48

I just want to say that I did my first trade with ldybug1752 way back in April. She was Very helpful. Never did anything that was not right and I have worked with her since then without any problems. She has a Very good reputation here on this forum and this is just a misunderstanding. I would definately trade with ldybug1752 again and would highly trading with her!
She has been trading on this forum since March and rocknroll you have just joined this forum. I would relax!!!!!

sandra habina

16-07-2007 17:27:06

Wow, I have not personally traded with ldybug1752 but I have many friends who have. She is a very helpful honest trader. This is a misunderstanding that should have been taken care of thru PM's. You need to contact Moderators before you try to bash someone's good name. And paying on approval can take several weeks not a few hours, so you should learn to be patient rocknroll.
I will stand by ldybug on this and highly recommend trading with her.
She is an awesome trader.


16-07-2007 18:12:38

oops Thank you so much you guys for the kind words. I really appreciate it!