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15-07-2007 02:34:46

Does anyone have a contact # for these guys? I cancelled on 7/8, they confirmed on 7/9 and then billed me on 7/11. They have not answered any of my emails.....

Thanx in advance,


16-07-2007 11:20:12

Well, I think this is a bunch of crap... After 2 days of trying to call them, I finally got through to their customer service.

I sent them an email on the 6th to cancel, called them on the 8th to confrim the cancellation, they confirmed my cancellation on the 9th, they bill me on the 11th.

So the CS guy Nelson, tells me that I called them on the 9th and the payment was taken out before I called. When I asked about my email and phone call, his response was "we must not have received that email yet". I then told him they needed to check their email system, since I have sent them five, yes 5, emails and none of them have been "received".

Well, they are going to refund my money, but it will take 12 - 14 days. For their mistake? I wrote down his name just in case my money is not returned. WHAT A LOAD!!!!


17-07-2007 17:53:37

GRR..WTF....i got an email sunday...from grant mentor...THERE ARE SEVERAL TOGETHER THERE..BEWARE...that they were fixing to take 49.95 out of my act...well it has been 2 weeks since i did the offer..and it said didn't go thru..wouldn't take my card...so i called...they took out 1.99 for signup fee....i cancelled..and low and behold...another friggin 1.99 today...sobs....so im on hold now..againnnn trying to find out what is going on...this is rediculous...some of these sites suck..period...p/n


18-07-2007 01:29:17

Well, it didn't take 10 - 14 days. My money has returned!!!