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14-07-2007 10:08:28

I know i'm not the only one but I have had and have right now a bunchof Ghost traders,people who sign up or want to trade but after setting up the trade never hear from them again.

I won't put the names on here just yet but I was thinking maybe we should put the names of these people who have done it to you and post them here so others can be aware before setting anything up.
They can look on here and see if the person is on the list or not.Save everyone alot of time and space,and frustration.
If people want to play games they should go to the playground.


14-07-2007 11:20:48

Unfortunately, that has and will always be a problem.... recently I've had more than my share of them as well. Not sure what can really be done about it. Sometimes they choose that this just isn't for them. It's frustrating though when they take the time to ask questions, sign-up and then just vanish!


15-07-2007 14:36:34

Yes that would be a very long list indeed and probably take up too much of the moderators time to keep it updated ?


15-07-2007 15:32:34

Yes that would be a very long list indeed. In the past 2 weeks I have had a ton!! It is very annoying.

sandra habina

16-07-2007 00:52:21

I agree - you work to help them and answer their questions and they sign up and then just disappear. A simple PM saying hey - I changed my mind or this is too hard would be so nice, instead of leaving us hanging.

It would be very courteous - to just give a PM to the trader and say you can not finish.


16-07-2007 08:40:53

I get half and half. Half tell me they cannot fullfill their offers...then other half...they disappear into the darkness shock . Course I have about 16 request deletions. Silly newbies.


16-07-2007 08:47:54

I don't think they quite understand what perserverence means!!


16-07-2007 16:33:24

Im lucky to get a request deletion ?


16-07-2007 17:18:19

I have not done the number of trades most users on this forum have done, but I feel lucky that the ones I have trades with have been great. I just now started running into problems! I will stick with it and hope these people realize that offers cost money and I do have a child to feed! I can't keep throwing money away. Maybe we should just wish these people bad karma for what they are doing to others.

K Howard

23-07-2007 18:10:08

The last site that I did I had 12 refs, 5 completed, 2 backed out, 5 ghosts. I also got a ghost this morning. They went so far as to ask me a question and then they would not even open my reply. I kept checking and could see that they were online but they kept ignoring my reply rather then just telling me what was going on.


23-07-2007 20:51:57

Why do we need a mod? Just start a list. Here I will get it started. This is from my recent trades. anwith.tishadanielle,bohica


25-07-2007 08:10:18

[quote3f3988064e="gator1002"]Why do we need a mod? Just start a list. Here I will get it started. This is from my recent trades. anwith.tishadanielle,bohica[/quote3f3988064e]

Oh, dang you, don't get [i3f3988064e]me [/i3f3988064e]started!!

Margot lol lol lol


25-07-2007 08:27:41

I had a bunch of this back when those new members flooded the forum in the winter. It was crazy how many people agreed and never came back again.


27-07-2007 04:19:28

It's a BIG Numbers Game, you run through enough numbers, you are gonna be successful, and you can't let the ones that fall by the wayside bother you, because there are deserving ones that want and need your guidance just down the ride the peaks as long as you can, realizing all the time, that you are going to have to make your way through the trough to get back up to that next peak to ride some more!!

So I send everybody a Descriptive and Thorough Welcome message telling them that I loathe Complete only offers that interest them....not to complete an offer just to get paid....and that ......Oh yea....I loathe scammers...That politely gets rid of about 1/3 of them...and I work with the rest of them of which over 1/2 stick, and most of my refs wind up being multi-site referrals, so I must be doing something right.......So basically, I found out a long time be a LEADER....and not a PLEADER...that works in every facet of living!!

Hope I helped....Sincerely!

Good Luck to US all!