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13-07-2007 14:34:50

Ok i was contacted by catlady VIA PM (when trade manager was down) on FLR and was offered some cash to complete the Offers and go green i agreed. After Going green on one site i PMed him to let him know i had gone green on one site and that i wouldn't complete the other after finding out the site was red flagged on.
He told me the deal was for 2 sites and now he will not pay me. I've been trying to contact him more and have not been able to i finally tracked his email down and sent him a bill over paypal for the site i went green on.

I've contacted the site i went green on just to find some INFO out and guess what SHE IS A HE!. after digging even further we have found he has different alias on several forums including
3 on A4F
3 on Fipg
2 on FLR (banned under catlady for SPAMMING ON THE 5TH I BE LEAVE)
The only one that seems to be the same on any of the forums is rollo97.

The trader has denied me payment and has also not paid some other people. If you have not been paid by him please contact the site support you did and get removed from under him (go from referred to unrefereed).



13-07-2007 16:07:45

3 aliases on this forum? You might want to pm a mod if its true. shock


13-07-2007 16:12:58

I had issues with this trader here...on my first trade completing offers in April!! Then...I had a ref...who had a similiar issue a month or so ago! It's my understanding that Rollo97 has been banned from FIPG? I think... 8)

I might be wrong...but if not...they need to be! Sorry you got scammed!!

... 8)


13-07-2007 16:14:29

There was a problem with Rollo97 a month or so ago....


IF he indeed is using 3 different names here...... anybody PM a mod yet?


13-07-2007 16:20:14

Yep...that's my ref...who Rollo97 scammed!!

You guys will get a kick out of this. Like I said in my earlier response. My very first trade (doing offers) was with Rollo97. I GREEN'ed quickly...when I requested payment...Rollo97 told me that he was having issues with his/her PP account. He/She told me that they would overnight me the $20 for the trade. I was obviously very skeptical. Who the hell would pay the $15-$20 bucks to O/N $20? Anyway...I waited for days...and pushed back daily. Finally, I actually received a money order for $20 from Rollo97.

Guess I got lucky!! ... 8)


13-07-2007 16:28:53

What are his other aliases?


13-07-2007 16:32:35

i'm not able to say his other alias but he still hasn't paid me the money he owes me and i'm starting to get alittle upset...the site he complete told him they will not pay him until its resolved



13-07-2007 19:46:58

This has been stated before, but have you PMed a mod about this, preferably before making this thread?

Also, it would help if we knew the other alias. I mean, after all, the freebie world was rocked hardcore by all the scammers and fraud, and so we would like to cut down on it (and I'm sure many users would agree with me). It sounds like they haven't paid you, and while you remain silent about their other names, they could be getting other innocent users.

Just my thoughts.


14-07-2007 02:17:30

I agree with mmm! Why not let us know who to be watching for so WE don't get scammed??


16-07-2007 18:52:14

Somebody needs to PM me with all the info for this guy...