resolved, mod please delete

Live forum:


12-07-2007 19:59:23

mod please delete


12-07-2007 20:32:36

1. Did you PM a mod?
2. Are you aware that as of this post, they have not been on since 7/11, which may be a possible reason for not getting a reply right away?


13-07-2007 00:02:34

He signed off as soon as i gone green, it's very convenient for him to disappear when payment is due
He does not reply to my email either
Bad trader


13-07-2007 01:01:44

I have traded with Wondislave before and he was a good trader for me. He just might not be able to get on recently or somethin. I would definately give him a little more time and also PM a mod to see what they say about it, but I do not think you have much to worry about as I myself have done business with Wondi and everything went cool. Good luck to ya rock.


13-07-2007 01:36:40

Thanks Jeremiah
I am not really worried, however he could give me heads up before going MIA or at least reply to my email