Margot530 is now home recovering from the accident.

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sandra habina

09-07-2007 12:38:54

To all traders working with Margot530, she had an accident and is still in the hospital. I am posting this for her as she can not get to a computer of course. She will contact you as soon as possible. If you need any assistance or help you can contact me.

Please send some prayers for Margot530. Thankyou everyone.


09-07-2007 12:53:20

That is terrible news..... I really hope all is well and she recovers very soon! She is a great person and trader. A true asset to this forum! Get well Margot!!


09-07-2007 13:42:13

Wow! Hope she feels better soon! I agree she is a great trader. Very helpful with her tips. 8)


09-07-2007 13:52:35

Margot is in my prayers. She is a very sweet and helpful friend!! cry


09-07-2007 18:49:40

Wow! That's awful! I hope she gets better soon...she will definitely be in my thoughts!


09-07-2007 20:14:47

Margot you are in my prayers. I hope all is ok. You said accedent was it a car or other. Can we get info. of where to send flowers, cards, or something?


09-07-2007 20:56:08

Margot, I am praying for you. Hope you're up and about soon. We miss you here!


09-07-2007 20:56:32

Get well soon, Margot


09-07-2007 22:31:20

Thank you, Sandra, for letting us know!

Margot get well soon!! You're in my thoughts and I look forward to your return!! D


10-07-2007 06:01:10

Hope you are felling better soon Margot.


10-07-2007 09:07:53

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Was it a car accident?? And yes, an address would be nice so her friends on FIPG could send some warm wishes her way!!

sandra habina

10-07-2007 11:10:34

I will let you know any updates as I hear them, thankyou for your warm wishes and prayers. I know Margot will truely appreciate them. I am not at liberty to give her personal address out, I hope you understand.
In fact, I do not know it myself but when I hear from her - I will ask if she would like it released.

Again thankyou all so much.
Get well soon Margot - alot of people are missing your sunshine.


10-07-2007 11:30:30

So sorry to hear this. Margot is one of the truly great traders on here. Get well fast!


10-07-2007 20:26:27

Margot is in my prayers. Hope she gets better soon.


11-07-2007 00:34:08

Hope you are better soon Margot.

sandra habina

11-07-2007 12:16:12

Margot is still in the hospital - the doctors are trying to stabilize her blood pressure amoung other things. I just do not know any more than this.
Keep the prayers coming.

Boy I wish fipg had an emergency fund for such things. I worry for her and the 3 kids. I just do not know what to do to help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe if the moderators would have a list of our addresses and if we would release them so that cards could be sent. Or a donation fund.
Just a thought. And please know that Margot has not asked for anything. This is just my thoughts.

But I do know that Margot loves your prayers and support. Keep those coming for her and her family. Thankyou all so much.


11-07-2007 12:47:49

Yes, I wish there was something we could all do. I will put my thinking cap on.


11-07-2007 13:03:28

This makes me sad. What happened? I wish I knew more! I'm thinking about her and her family all the time and wishing them the best! I would definitely send a donation to help with the hard times. MARGOT GET WELL SOON. LIKE NOW. )

Big War Bird

11-07-2007 13:42:58

Someone must have her paypal email, we could send her money that way.


11-07-2007 13:48:51

[quote60ea8f8b3a="Big War Bird"]Someone must have her paypal email, we could send her money that way.[/quote60ea8f8b3a]

Good thinking! D


11-07-2007 19:44:23

[quote1bbaa6d393="Big War Bird"]Someone must have her paypal email, we could send her money that way.[/quote1bbaa6d393]
Very good idea....I will donate. Whoever is doing it just let me know. Sounds like its scary deal...I will send what I can.


11-07-2007 21:23:50

oh my gosh! i am very sad to hear that about margot! i wondered why i hadn't heard from her. and now sad to hear that is the reason why.
thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. margot is such an asset to this forum!


13-07-2007 08:56:02

Wow. Hope Margot is ok and will make a speedy recovery. Thanks for letting us know sandra! Keep us updated here in FIPG land.


13-07-2007 13:52:43

I hope she's on the mend. )

I fell down a flight of stairs about a year ago, and even though I was able to walk immediately afterward, I was in physical therapy for months. (still am, on and off) Hopefully she fared better.

sandra habina

13-07-2007 13:56:58

WONDERFUL NEWS ALL - Margot is home from the hospital. Thank the good Lord and all your warm prayers. She sent me an email - she is still quite groggy from medications but she is home. I just wanted to let you all know that she is feeling better. Margot says it will be a couple of days before she gets back to herself, so please be patient. I am sure she will thank each and everyone of you for your warm wishes.

Again, I thankyou all. I will update as soon as I hear any more news.


13-07-2007 14:46:32

YAY!! I'm so glad she's well enough to be home!! It must feel wonderful to be back in her own bed. Still thinking about her and her family and I can't wait for her return!

Thanks again, Sandra, for letting us all know! D


13-07-2007 15:04:44

Yes, thank you Sandra!!

And Margot...I am sooooo glad you are okay!! cheer

We have missed you and hope you have a speedy recovery. Take it easy and get yourself well. We will all be here waiting for you!!


14-07-2007 19:56:14

wow this is tradgic...hope for a speedy recovery margot and hope for ur return. love to hear form u and thanks sandra for being that great friend once again....


14-07-2007 20:39:01

[b31e17c325f]That's great news that she's okay![/b31e17c325f]
Wishing you a speedy recovery Margot! D


15-07-2007 06:00:25

It's great that she's back in the comfort of her home.


15-07-2007 06:01:47

And we were just talking about how fast she could go from her home to Dallas. I told her she must have a lead foot. Margot, slow down. I have missed you on the forum. Im glad your home and doing better. Dont ever scare us like this again. (Fred)

sandra habina

16-07-2007 00:58:54

UPdate for everyone - Margot is feeling better but still banged up and groggy from all the medications the doctors have her on. She sent me an email and said that she misses everyone so much, and she is so thankful for all your kind words and prayers.
Margot hopes to be back to the forum Wednesday or Thursday/

I am so happy. Thanks again all of you wonderful friends.
PS I do have her address if you would like to send a card.


16-07-2007 18:58:41

So did anyone ever decide anything on donations? I have her paypal email from trading with her back when she was new! Best person i have ever worked with! I wish her all the best and hope she has a full recovery! We miss you Margot!!!


18-07-2007 14:11:51

Hi All, D

I'm Back! Feeling much better now but not 100% yet. Can't believe all the warm wishes and prayers !!! Thank you sooo verry much !!

Will put in a post of my own to let people know a bit more.

Margot D


18-07-2007 14:15:29

YAYY!!!!!! Great to hear you're feeling better!! D WELCOME BACK!!


27-07-2007 08:43:52

Can I just say that it's funny that only the new people know who margot is?

Also, congrats on getting better margot530.


27-07-2007 10:26:19

[quote17607193e0="EatChex89"]Can I just say that it's funny that only the new people know who margot is?

Also, congrats on getting better margot530.[/quote17607193e0]

Hi there!

I thank you very much for your well wishes!

I bet Tho' (my go to guy). Parth, with one of the best sites here (Hotgifts) and a wonderful man. Skeeter, whom I have had great conversations with, and Twon, who has been nothing but kind and helpful to me, would get a kick out of your statement regarding "only new people!" LOL lol lol

And for all you "new" folks out there that care about me..., your the greatest too...I'm new also; makes perfect sense 8)

Thanks again, I truly appreciate it!

liMargot wink


27-07-2007 11:20:18

parth and twon are such noobs


27-07-2007 11:48:05

[quotec11562d5a8="manOFice"]parth and twon are such noobs[/quotec11562d5a8]


sandra habina

27-07-2007 20:32:40

[quotec9d35cb0d0="EatChex89"]Can I just say that it's funny that only the new people know who margot is?

Also, congrats on getting better margot530.[/quotec9d35cb0d0]

I have a very simple answer to why new people know Margot so very well - it is because she has helped so many of us. Where have you been, not to have noticed? That's the funny part.

So thankful that you are feeling better Margot. D D


27-07-2007 21:19:01

Thank you Sandy!

You know I didn't even think about that, but so sweet of you to point it out! I honestly do try to be helpful to all, but don't ever think twice about it!

Oh, and to answer your question about, where he has been, appears that he spends most of his time (according to his posts) in the Off Topic area of the forum, and I don't, so he probably hasn't noticed me around much wink

So cute...his interests state your mom lol lol lol Well, if you can pry that lid off, or like very elderly women...OMG, not sure wether to laugh or get sick.

I just am a bit confused about what the purpose of that comment was, and wondering about the necessity of it.

Oh well, no biggie. wink

Margot D

EDITED 08-04-07 Am going to ask admin to lock both threads regarding my accident so it will move down the line...can't thank Sandy enough for her kind wonderful friendship and doing this for me, or all of you for your well wishes, cards and support! Bless you all.

Margot D


05-08-2007 18:17:10

Lock'd. http//[" alt=""/imgd70f7dab42]