Bizforself Is red... No Response

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07-07-2007 19:57:12

I Pmed Kieth AA About him.. so now im posting

i have pmed him that he went red on my primodinero.dvd site...

i paid him 55.00 to do this and i want my money bak


08-07-2007 15:21:46

Does the admins do anything about this?


08-07-2007 16:34:39

[quoteaf05326dbc="GamersPitOnline"]Does the admins do anything about this?[/quoteaf05326dbc]

It's been a day, admins have jobs and lives, they aren't full time mods/admins, and they're doing it for free so you have no right to complain that they are slow. You want to go through all of the threads here and solve everything? Can you do it in a day?


10-07-2007 18:23:19

No i couldnt... but i guess ull have a lot of time on your hands now since u been banned


Any update


11-07-2007 07:38:38

Diablo isn't banned, he just customized his stuff.

Also, if you are looking for an answer, try PMing another mod. You are allowed to PM a different mod every 48 hours until one responds.