Newbie appears to have been scammed by Kerry1-- anyone know

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06-07-2007 07:45:59

I am a newbie and this was my very first trade on this forum.

I completed the site on 6/27 and was told I would be paid for my green. I have sent numerous pm's with no response. I noticed Kerry1 has not logged into the site since 07/01. Has anyone else had any trades with Kerry1?

I have already contacted admin. What else can I do?


06-07-2007 07:49:03

It's been 5 days, chill out a little bit. There could be a very good reason for his absence.

However, WHY were you trading with someone who also has NO TR?!


06-07-2007 07:55:46

[quoteb579757c65="tylerc"]It's been 5 days, chill out a little bit. There could be a very good reason for his absence.

However, [bb579757c65]WHY were you trading with someone who also has NO TR[/bb579757c65]?![/quoteb579757c65]

That is a great point.... there are plenty of proven/trusted traders out there needing greens.

Is the trade set up in the trade module? If so, does it state paying on green or something like that? One option you have is to contact the site you did and have them hold your green until this person pays you....


06-07-2007 08:13:28

This trade was not set up in the trade module, so there's nothing we can do. The reason the trade module was put in place was so we could track trading and enforce the rules. If you trade outside of what has been established for trading, then you're also outside what we can do.


06-07-2007 08:23:45

As I said I was a newbie. I had just signed up and Kerry1 send me a pm asking me to do some sites. We sent numerous pm's back and forth and I have them all saved.

I now know better -- but then I thought this person was being helpful.

Lesson learned!


06-07-2007 08:38:11

We all have made some newbie mistakes at some point .... as you said, lesson learned and it's to move on! The trade module is your friend!!!


06-07-2007 08:46:34

All hope is not lost. Like the other guy said, contact the site and tell them to put you on hold for him until he makes good on his part of the trade.

Bryan R

06-07-2007 09:51:51

We all must remember---The trade module is our FRIEND D I also did one trade outside of the trade module and was taken for a ride, only once that way.

Bryan R


07-07-2007 14:17:44

Many people responded and sent me pm's and advise and I thank you.

I contacted the site admin and here is what I was told

" Thank you for bringing this to our attention, he has already been banned from techX2 and he will not be able to cash out.
If you wish, we are offering a one-time benefit to his referrals where we will add $15 to your payout".


So I think is awesome and if anybody wants to help me out
on this site that would be great.


07-07-2007 22:03:45

That is awesome...... glad to hear that!