where is rollo97?

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02-07-2007 03:40:33

Hi! Does anyone know rollo97? and if he is still around? I went green for him way back on June 3rd and I have not heard anything since. I contacted him letting him know I had gone green, and to date have heard Nothing back and of course - no payment. He owes me $26! Can anyone help? Thanks!!


02-07-2007 06:16:16

Last post by them was on Mon May 28, 2007 in the trade forum. As they have their login hidden and I'm not a mod, I can't assist you any further.

Have you PMed a mod?


08-08-2007 22:00:07



09-08-2007 06:23:03

I froze his trading privileges on 7/24 and PM'd him, but he hasn't been back under that name since 6/27. I'm banning the rollo97 account now, I would recommend that everyone with outstanding trade issues file disputes with PayPal (FWIW) and also report him to your sites. If ER nails him for fraud he'll probably go red at a lot of sites if he isn't already, but just in case I'd give the sites a heads up on him.


09-08-2007 11:44:58

rollo97 was the owner of Gift-A-Palooza, if you look on FLR they have banned that site for spamming, creating multiple user names and green farming (creating user names to make fake trades for his own site subsequently never paying the trades either). He was trading here for his own site as well.