trade problem with Mercuryeyes2::ADMIN HELP!!!

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30-06-2007 19:34:03

the agreement was, i get Mercuryeyes2 one credit on her website, and she pays me 25 dollars. Being a newb, yes for one or two offers i did cancel right after she got the credit. But isn't it wrong for her to not pay up 25? She's still green, and she has her credit and here i am, credit card charged while she hasn't payed me. Admin/moderator help please, trading was supposed to fair and easy, she's making it hard.


01-07-2007 13:19:12

If you canceled your offer right after you went green then no. She should not pay you. You will more than likely go red. Why would you cancel an offer right after you went green? Did you do an offer you had no intrest in? Only do offers that you really want to try out. Thats one of the great things about freebi sites. You get paid for trying all the great things that are offered.


01-07-2007 13:23:44

i cancelled the offer because i didn't like it, and its still green and not red. If it does turn red i will return that money, but it hasn't so she should pay up


01-07-2007 13:37:04

I wouldn't pay either. Knowing the guy is going to go red. shock U cannot sign up for an offer then cancel it right away. U have to try the ones your interested in. If you signed up for it to just get ur credit then that is fraud.


01-07-2007 13:43:29

okay my mistake...wont happen again, but i should be given my money if it hasn't turned green for her!


02-07-2007 07:36:11

Did your agreement in the Trade Module say "On green" or "on approval"??

And NEVER, EVER cancel an offer right away, even if you go and look at the site and decide you don't like it. That comes across as FRAUD and will go red when they try to pass approval (sometimes before).



02-07-2007 11:16:29

hey Laurel, is there a way i can know she's still green on the site? And i dont know about the "on green" or "on approval" our agreement in words was she pays me 25 for getting her a green, i dont know how through trade how we did it, still a newb.


02-07-2007 11:20:11

If the trade does not specify that it was on green or on approval, then you are unfortunately stuck. What did their trade thread state when you initially talked to them?

Also, you could ask the site in question to look into the situation, because if the trade is on approval, it is possibly that they have not yet been approved.


02-07-2007 11:34:05

wait, how do i know if she's green'd or approved?


02-07-2007 11:39:42

You ask, and the site personnel should be able to tell you if they have used you in an order.