elpresidente123@yahoo.com GIVING PROBLEMS...Beware

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29-06-2007 13:21:26

I traded with email==elpresidente123@yahoo.comelpresidente123@yahoo.com=elpresidente123@yahoo.comelpresidente123@yahoo.com/email, some time ago, doing his Coke.OGF in exchange for my DesktopComputers4Free. We both understood that we were looking for instant greens and trying to finish both sites the same day if possible.
I did some 5-6 offers for him an instant green. We kept pming each other every few minutes while I was waiting on his green to green. Once it did, that was it. No more PMs from him. He read my PMs but never replied. Days went by, still no green, not even a yellow even after he changed the status of the trade to "Gone Yellow". The last PM he responded to was when I told him I went green.
I pmed a moderator some days ago, still no response.


29-06-2007 13:28:01

Jeez, that sucks. I hope it all works out for you. Thanks for letting us all know though. Keep us updated on how it turns out.


01-07-2007 13:39:58

Still no response from this douchebag (


06-07-2007 17:15:18

Just got a ticket response from Bonnie over at OGF and heres what she said
"Actually your referrers account has been on hold since 6/29/2007 due to these complaints. he won't be cashing out and getting anything from us until he pays all of his traders. "
Thats good to know! Even though he still didnt green for me.


10-07-2007 20:22:36

He also went red on a site I am working on. The mods can't even get him to respond. He told me he was trying to work it out with the site, but the hold is still there and he has not paid me back.