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28-06-2007 11:24:24

never mind


28-06-2007 11:53:43

I trust you contacted both dvdakamine and a mod? Maybe he just made a mistake ?


28-06-2007 11:55:05

I PMed theysayjump. Dvdakamine is online right now and he just PMed me back saying that the site made a mistake. However, they said he did an offer three times on all their sites. He says he will get the problem cleared up, but hasn't responded to my request of a refund until it actually IS cleared up.


28-06-2007 11:58:34

He's acting like I'M the one who has to accomodate him.

[quote5c38a0d14d="dvdakamine"]if it is not cleared by the end of the day I will refund but i will give them to the end of the day to clear it up .takeurl==http://=http:///url it or leave it .[/quote5c38a0d14d]

This is BS.


28-06-2007 12:24:22

Somehow he got off hold and greened. Nevermind everyone.


01-07-2007 01:48:00

this is why we have moderators. If you would have pmed one of them first this thread would of never have needed to be.