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28-06-2007 01:42:36

I did a green for green with psorra, he went green for me first and I went green for his site (gifts.YGF), a day later, he went red due to fraud. I tried pming him but no response for 3 days so far and he has been logged on. I already tried contacting YGF to put a hold on his account.


28-06-2007 02:13:23

If you PM a mod they can help you with the trader. KeithA is a great help, you might try him.


28-06-2007 04:08:53

His trading privileges have been suspended. He's working things out now.


29-06-2007 12:25:40

I've traded with this guy before. He seems very legit and has passed approval for me no problem. I Pm'd him and he said that it was an honest mistake and that he did the same offer twice. Hell, I keep pretty good records, but even I've come close to doing an offer twice on accident.

Which offer did he do twice? If it's something like Stamps then thats one thing, but some offers like dealpass, and Pacific Webworks- all their offers look the same after a while.

Granted he is probably done with YGF, but as long as he makes good on the trade with either another valid green, or some type of monetary compensation, then I think he should at least be given his trading priviledges back here on FiPG.


29-06-2007 14:09:46

Yes his privileges will be fully restored once things are figured out. I edited my earlier post to clarify that he is in contact and working to resolve the issue.


29-06-2007 14:19:31

That's good. I've done a couple of trades with no problem. Nice to see he is trying to work it out.


29-06-2007 15:44:46

Hes a very legit guy. You should've worked things out before rushing to the scammers section. He made a mistake no need to try to get him banned. I had two smooth trades with him and hes legit. Give him a chance to work things out.


29-06-2007 16:34:17

I know that I also have come close to messing up on doing an offer twice. I know that Paul did allforone.yourgiftsfree for me and passed approval so I am sure you will see resolution to this issue. I am glad that he is not going to be banned because I believe him to be a legit trader and we need good traders.


29-06-2007 17:55:33

Wow... Thanks for the support, kids)

This is what it's all about Keith, you know?


01-07-2007 08:58:29

Keith-- I know I'm bothering the hell out of you, but I need my account reopened. I have concerned traders that I had to explain the situation to.

Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Thank you,


01-07-2007 19:05:33

Has this issue been resolved?


01-07-2007 21:06:46

The issue regarding another trader and myself has been resolved. However, I am waiting for a reply from 'KeithA', the moderater who has been overseeing this. Both myself and the other trader involved, 'Bill', have both PM'ed Keith regarding this fact.

There should be no problems and therefore, should have my trading account back in good standing as it was before and as you can see from the traders I have dealt with who back me 100%.



02-07-2007 09:59:49

This issue has been resolved, and psorra's trading privileges have been fully restored.