Vacation July 3 - July 8

Live forum:


27-06-2007 20:21:09

Just wanted to let everyone know who I am in trades with or helping out that I will be on vacation July 3-8. I am taking some well-deserved time with my hubby and getting out of Dodge!!

A BIG THANK YOU to all who have traded with me and are in trades with me. I will make sure everyone is paid that is green before I leave. The rest of you I will pay when I get back. I hope this does not cause an incoveniece for you.

Thank you, Sheila D


27-06-2007 22:53:24

Have a wonderful time on vacation Sheila!! D

sandra habina

02-07-2007 09:51:57

Sheila - have a glorious time. You deserve a break. Hope you are going somewhere beautiful and relaxing. Tell me about it when you get back dear one.