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27-06-2007 11:31:23

I am sorry I've been out of contact for so long. I had an emergency and have been in the hospital. I'll spare the details, but I am mostly fine now.

I will try to catch up on everything as soon as I possibly can, but please bear with me as things have piled up at work and at home as well, so I'll be very busy for quite a while.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


27-06-2007 11:34:38

I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems! I hope all is well, and stays well!! Welcome back D


27-06-2007 13:14:32

Nice to have you back! Hope everything continues to get better )


27-06-2007 13:52:58

Been quite around here ) ... as you once told me "Don't do it again" ;) just kidding.


27-06-2007 14:38:29

Im glad your better now. And like the bunny says dont do it again. Missed you. (Fred) P.S. Why did you pick this forum to put your thread in?

Big War Bird

27-06-2007 14:39:29

Get well. Pet your goats, they will make you feel better,


27-06-2007 17:41:40

Hope all is well. Missed you around here!! D


27-06-2007 22:08:26

glad you are feeling better..i was wondering where you bunny said it was quite around here hugs terry

sandra habina

28-06-2007 09:47:33

Missed you sweetie - so very glad you are back with us - take it easy, one project at a time. Sunshine and smiles to you everyday dear one.


29-06-2007 12:58:59

For all the bullshit I get for my posts sometimes, it's nice to know I actually DO have friends around here )

I appreciate the support and kind thoughts from all you guys!

(I posted this in this forum in case one of my trading partners got nervous and started looking for me.)

Just remember, everybody - my vacation starts tomorrow morning at 630 when my children arrive at the airport! So I'll only be here on and off until August anyway - BUT THEN I'll be here to make all kinds of posts for everybody to flame and bitch at me about lol



29-06-2007 13:22:00

Family is important so have fun with the children!

Hopefully you'll feel better mentally as well as physically when your children arrives. You'll always have friends around here to give support. ;-)

Anyways, good luck with family and everything else I forgot to mention.


29-06-2007 22:51:17

Hey you.... D