Mini Vacation (Friday-Monday)

Live forum:

sandra habina

21-06-2007 15:29:33

Hello - I will be gone from the forum until Sunday night or Monday. And I do not want any new trader to think - I just left them. I shall return. Just getting away for a few days.

Ya'll have a great week end too!!! D


21-06-2007 15:36:09

you earned it girlfriend

hope you have a great time


21-06-2007 20:00:00

Have a great time. Going anywhere fun? I hope so. Enjoy and we'll miss you!!


22-06-2007 06:01:13

Have a great time Sandy. You deserve the break D


22-06-2007 06:11:07

Have a good one sandy, who would ever think you would pull a runner !!!