Does anyone have any trades with working4u?

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19-06-2007 07:27:42

I think I got scammed


19-06-2007 07:31:18

Yes, I created a trade that this person confirmed, however, they never completed the site. No money changed hands.


19-06-2007 12:30:46

Same here have a trade however he never completed an offer. So go figure. I'll cancel that.


19-06-2007 12:39:01

Same here.... shock....I have soooo many request deletions lately!


19-06-2007 14:49:02

Why do you think you got scammed? He's done a couple of trades with me, but the offers haven't greened yet. According to him, he had a family emergency over the weekend, which could be why I haven't heard from him. I don't think he is a scammer, but if he is, he's not a very good one.


20-06-2007 10:07:09

well we were supposed to trade on Thursday, and he said
"hey.. any instant offers??? I need money TODAY!!!"

so I sent him the link to see the offers and he wanted to know if I could stay on for about an hour so he could do it right then and get the money ASAP
I couldn't but since he seemed so eager I thought I'd help him out and pay him up front so he'd have the money to DO the offers (I've had the problem of needing money asap so I thought I was helping out)
So I paid a little less then I would have if he had waited but then I saw that he didn't even SIGN UP until after I gave him money. and no offers have been completed and I've been trying to contact him He signed up for the site the day he contacted me and hasn't been online since the 16th and in the post he replied to I asked for people that could finish BEFORE Father's Day and yeah, I don't like to think badly of people but it just seems like wen you say you want to finish within an hour and then it takes you a week there is something seriously wrong.


21-06-2007 11:33:29

Has anyone heard from working4u? It's been a wekk and still no green, and s/he has not been on the site for 5 days


22-06-2007 10:29:52

I have a trade set up, but no action on it yet!