nickd red and didnt refund money

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14-06-2007 17:52:13

paid nickd $12 to green on 2 no cc sites..... turned red when going thru approval. Pm was read but no response and money hasnt been refunded.

WTF, why would you fraud on a no cc site?? They are soooo easy.....


14-06-2007 18:20:32

[quote6ca8e6ca88]WTF, why would you fraud on a no cc site?? They are soooo easy.....[/quote6ca8e6ca88]

right?!?! That's someone who is seriously hard up!!


14-06-2007 19:21:10

ok, they did send my money back, but it wasnt a refund so i lost .65 to paypal fees lol

sandra habina

14-06-2007 22:21:07

I traded with him and he is a nice man - he made a mistake and was banned - he some how entered his own link twice or something - not sure but he is not a scammer - he paid back the money. Sorry it happened.


14-06-2007 22:32:37

Has anyone else had a problem with him?


14-06-2007 22:50:33

he did redo the refund after i spoke with him again tho it is pending..... so once it goes thru i will refund him the payment he sent that i lost fees too........ He seems to be very willing to make ammends now.... prolly was a noob mistake that caused the probs


18-06-2007 19:53:54

sounds to me like the kind of traders we need here. He made a mistake and made it right. Thanks Guy.