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12-06-2007 18:20:44's the deal. First off, I will always go with my gut instinct from now on. I wanted to help this person and they tell me to believe in them, they can do it...and they sure did it! Right up the whazoo! shock

The trader name is davidpro and they just joined. I put out feelers on A4F, etc., trying to see if they were banned or whatever. The weird thing is, instead of pming me, they went directly to my YIM. They were waiting for me to respond since 8 this am. They have very broken English, so I assumed they really needed someone to guide them.

The site was fastfood.ordergiftsfree. They asked me a couple questions on doing the site and signed up as and greened instantly. I put in a support ticket to question approval. In the meantime, they were so excited about doing it and I wanted them to have a good stupid me paid them!

They wanted to do another site so I set it up. Media.hotgifts4you. All the while we are on YIM. They went to that site and signed up as I asked them why they were using two different sign ups and they said they sometimes do that on sites. "they sometimes do that on sites" made me think they have done this before! They were trying to complete Blockbuster...I checked out my support ticket on the other site...and lo' and behold...a red hold. The site said because of using a duplicate IP address on the site and other issues.

I quick went to Paypal and of course, I have to file a dispute to try and get my money back. That'll never happen.

Their Paypal name YIM is kha kha (vuongbao0609) and they signed up on one site as and another site as

And what do you know??? They will not answer me on YIM anymore and I pm'd and emailed them also.

So...I think this is my first scam! oops

What do you think??


12-06-2007 18:29:00

I hope it was okay to post the sign up names...there are so many...I wanted to make sure all the bases were covered.


12-06-2007 18:30:33

Did you PM a mod? And also ... you should have used the edit button instead of posting twice in a row ;)

I'm not bothered by it, though. I hope you get your money back. If a mod posts confirming his scamming, it will help your paypal claim.


12-06-2007 18:40:44

Sorry about the edit thing...just frustrated and disappointed. Yeah, I pm'd a mod.


12-06-2007 18:43:44

Don't worry, I know how frustrating it can be ... I see the end of the line where the scammers ask why they are on hold ?

Like I said ... I hope you get your money back.


13-06-2007 04:28:51

You PM'd a mod, but didn't wait until they got back to you. Anyhow, he's limited until he replies.


13-06-2007 04:34:55

Sorry oops

I got a little freaked out. Won't happen again.


13-06-2007 07:51:34

dude sorry man.. but mjr went fine!

sandra habina

15-06-2007 03:20:14

Thankyou for the heads up Webbles_Five - he approached me also but thru PM's and I set up a trade for him but luckily - he did not go thru with it. Not sure why - maybe, you caught him so quickly he decided to wait.


27-06-2007 18:57:36

I really can't believe it... shock but...I was refunded by davidpro. I did a paypal claim and was refunded immediately with a message to yim him so he could do another trade to make up for it. Nice thought...but I think I will leave it alone.