trillian = red on lookatmeimfree

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08-06-2007 06:35:16

so she went red on lookatmeimfree
used this email
tried to contact her but no response in 5 days. mods are aware.
going to do a charge back


08-06-2007 06:38:51

there is a thought that she may have another username that the mods are looking into


08-06-2007 10:17:22

"google". I am doing a trade with this person. They are yellow on FlashIpods4Free.

Same email address.

They told me to send the paypal to [ua53f421a7d][/ua53f421a7d].


08-06-2007 14:10:21

yes, that is the email that I paid her under. she failed to respond to a notice from paypal about a dispute. unfortunately since it was after 45days i could not open a true dispute. she never responded so i did a charge back. this may be in my paypal account forever and prevent me from using it as paypal may stick me with the bill.
we shall see
if u contact her tell her to pm me )
I am PMing a mod again to update them

Bryan R

08-06-2007 14:17:43

This person and I set up a trade on gift monkey on 5-15 and went yellow but I have never heard from since. I would not deal with this person at all.

Bryan R


12-06-2007 05:53:35

conditional $10 credit made permanent. let's see how paypal deals with this. they emailed me stating they respect my decision to use my cc as back up protection since they were unable to help me...let us see if my account is permanently crippled


12-06-2007 08:36:14

[quote12e2380da6="jy3"][b12e2380da6]conditional $10 credit made permanent. let's see how paypal deals with this.[/b12e2380da6]...[/quote12e2380da6]

What does that mean?


12-06-2007 12:32:06

this means that my credit card company reversed the paypal charge to the credit card and gave me a credit. Now paypal needs to take the money from her account back to cover the $-10 that they get. Sometimes this owed money stays on a users account and paypal refuses to take the money from the scammer. In that case, if the only method of payment on your account is your credit card they cannot do anything. This means that I cannot use the account to accept payments again. I already took off my bank account...