oldroll, Beware of this one...

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05-06-2007 16:02:05

I did a trade with oldroll on 5/13/2007 I paid for Green on desktopcomputers4free.com, but 2 day's later the account was red.

I sent pm's to him which were never opened and I notice he has a tr of 4 which has not moved since I started trying to make contact with him.

I did tell him nicely in my pm's that he never opened that I did not want to report him because his rating was at 4 and he seemed to be on his way up. I try to give everyone the benifit of the doubt, but, I refuse to be ignored for trying to help.

I just want a refund from him as stated in my trading thread.

What to do... twisted


05-06-2007 16:55:21

PM a mod. And hope he returns, since he hasn't been on since May 13th.


06-06-2007 13:35:39

wow.. i gotta say somethin here myself... my mother (terryishere) had a trade with him a WHILE ago.. he went green and passed approval.. but after the fact he hasnt been back to request TR... im sorry for yer red.. it was a monster site i think he did for her.. if it was a monster site for you that may be why he went red.. if it wasnt i will ask her when i see her on here sometime this evenin.. but yeah hes been gone a while.. i take it you didnt get a refund?



06-06-2007 14:33:07

Nope. No refund. He still has not opened any of my pm's either.

Chalking this one up as a loss I guess.

By the way, he did desktopcomputers4free for me.


06-06-2007 17:55:21

hi this is shawns mom..yes it was a monster site he did for me..lcd monster..he passed..i was surprised myself..i had a strange feeling about him in the pit of my stomach..just a hunch..im so sorry that it was right..im sorry for your loss of money.. ( i have unanswered pm from him too..and requested tr and not gotten it yet..take care and im sorry again..terry


07-06-2007 19:50:36

this to Shawns mom. I love you. want to marry?


08-06-2007 09:17:58

why gator arent you just he sweetest thing!! oops i love you too..as for marrying,,im taken right now..thank you sweetie for the offer..i will keep you in mind tho.. lol hugs terry


08-06-2007 09:37:55

lol. Guess I will have to love you from afar. good luck in all you do. If you change your mind I am a marring fool.