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01-06-2007 08:54:14

your pathetic

"help, I'm $250 short this week, so I'm going to pay 10 people $50 so that one day in two months I can have $500."

you're short on cash? sell your computer, and get rid of your internet. voila.[/quotec0b7a0339a]

I am trying to gain money to pay rent in 20 days and this is what a human being PM's me. I would think a person with over 280 TR would be mature enough to mind his/her own bizz... but i guess not.

If this is how i will get harassed then i dont know if this is the place for me

Are a lot of people like this?


01-06-2007 08:55:57

Who was the person?


01-06-2007 09:05:46

Gamers Few people are like that.

Manofice Subject line tells all.


01-06-2007 09:37:02

yeah timberwolf....

Doesnt TR mean hes been here a long time?


01-06-2007 09:38:15

User timberwolf does not exist!

No TR does not mean they are here a long time, look at their join date


01-06-2007 10:27:45

i think he means tmberwolff


01-06-2007 11:36:12

yes thats him


01-06-2007 14:36:46

yes, I've been here a long time. Who cares about my TR. as for minding my own business.... you make it sound like I just randomly attacked you. You posted your "problem" out for the world to see in the trading forum. I had a comment I wanted to make based on your public post, but I didn't think it was appropriate to post back publicly. However... since you want to throw it around, I'll reply here.

I stand behind my comment 100%. I see so many newbies whining about how they need to complete a site to pay rent, or worse, buy diapers for their kids. It is pathetic. What I said was true. If you're only $250 short for your rent, then I ask you what is more important a computer and internet, or a roof over your head?

Cancel your internet and hock your computer (and I'd also cancel the hosting for your website). That'd probably get you $250 in one month. if you're still short, then sell the desk your computer is sitting on.

Do not expect me to pity you when you're saying that you're plum broke, and yet you're paying out $50 a POP for refs on a freebie site? I find the apparent contradiction less than believable. It's also insulting to those of us who actually HAVE been that broke.

Freebie sites are not a reliable source of income. If you can't afford your rent on your current paycheck, then you are obviously living beyond your means. I suggest you packup and move. If I sincerely thought you were in need, I'd open up my home to you, as I have done with many other people in need. The fact is, not one person who has ever stayed under my roof because they didn't have one of their own ever gave a dlimn about finding ref on a freebie site.

Another fact that does not bode well for you you're rent is due in two weeks. Chances of you finding all of your refs AND getting approval AND [b7de589dcd0]receiving [/b7de589dcd0]your money in two weeks - slim at best. especially given the site you are persuing. Also, your landlords probably won't throw you out the day you're late, so work a couple of more weeks and there ya go. if you still can't afford it, then again I say you're living beyond your means.

As for being harrassed and the threat of leaving... Well... if you're here to trade, great. If you're here to share your life story out on the boards in a sad attempt to get some sort of pity trade, then be prepared for opinionated people like me to share my views on life with you.

If you are going to stay, I HIGHLY suggest you read [b7de589dcd0]all [/b7de589dcd0]the rules. Considering I sent you that PM a couple of hours ago, there's no way you PMed a mod and waited 48 hours before posting here. Thus, you have violated a rule. I, on the other hand, did not. The rule on PM spam does not cover me PM'ing you my opinions on a non-trading matter that you posted about publicly. Furthermore, even if it had, it would have been dealt with by a mod in a manner outside of the [i7de589dcd0]Scammers [/i7de589dcd0]section of our forum.

If you would like to continue this conversation, please PM me, or ask a mod to move it to an off-topic forum so that we may all continue to discuss the merits of parading your financial problems in a public forum. Given that we do not have a trade and I am not a scammer, I do not think this thread is quite appropriate here.


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01-06-2007 14:45:12

Hey gamer also saw you had a trading topic that says you have $3,000 why not use that for rent? unless it's just there to miss lead users ?

Kudos to tmberwolff


01-06-2007 14:48:02

Gamer, 60 seconds for your rebuttal.


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01-06-2007 14:50:47

[bfc2a53ad05]0[/sizefc2a53ad05] owned.........[/bfc2a53ad05]

Big War Bird

01-06-2007 15:25:05

GPO, you just got owned this much!



01-06-2007 15:26:27

Wow....I don't have words for how funny I thought that was )


01-06-2007 15:30:08

[quote1c912c4b36="moviemadnessman"]Wow....I don't have words for how funny I thought that was )[/quote1c912c4b36]

It's too good for words. rofl rofl rofl


02-06-2007 00:11:06

Way to put this bullshit in its place (Sorry to bump this ridiculous thread, but you deserve some kudos for destroying this ugly attempt to try and tarnish the great rep you've maintained here)


02-06-2007 05:07:33

It seems pretty apparent to me that he was just trying to get a pity trade.

I'd love to see if he tries and defends himself, though.


02-06-2007 06:43:48

I appreciate the support guys


02-06-2007 06:56:07

Dude, the forums are generally a nice place but we don't get taken advantage of easily.


02-06-2007 13:59:38

People who beg for refs because of this debt or that vacation or somebody needs to go to school - or WHATEVER - are really very aggravating. [bf2ea3bd873]We all have our own reasons for being here [/bf2ea3bd873] - almost all of us are trying to make money for some specific thing we want. [bf2ea3bd873]Why should any one person be more deserving than any other?[/bf2ea3bd873]


03-06-2007 12:47:23

"Please help me get refs—I am going to waste my money on strippers and beer!

PLZ PM thanx."


03-06-2007 14:00:03

[quote3eabe64232="tmberwolff"]If you are going to stay, I HIGHLY suggest you read [b3eabe64232]all [/b3eabe64232]the rules. [/quote3eabe64232]

Gamer, you aren't following his advice...


06-06-2007 02:03:57

so... umm... what's ur PC's specs? maybe i'll give you a ref for it.