anyone have any info for ahelmstadter?

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01-06-2007 08:52:08

ahelmstadter set up a trade with me for $20 on green, I greened for her the same day and now I haven't heard from her for nearly 3 weeks now. The mod that is helping me recommended that I post this thread to see if anyone else has had problems with this person or any info. Thanks for any help/info anyone could be on this! You can PM me if you know anything. Thanks again!


01-06-2007 08:53:32

Last Visit 17 May 2007

Not a good sign.


01-06-2007 11:15:04

She greened very quickly for me on allforone and passed approval. Coincidentally, I paid her on 5/17/07... hmm...


01-06-2007 15:09:13

She greened for me around 5/9 on 2 sites - both were paid and approval went just fine.


09-06-2007 11:08:36

Looks like she has some problem, I don't see her online at all
She went green on my site and didn't say a world, when I noticed green, I did green at her site as per trade
but still didn't hear from her

Hope, she's OK!