Ldybug1752 is moving!

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30-05-2007 10:01:50

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm moving to a new apartment (June 1st) so I won't be around much in the next couple days, and I don't know when we can get the internet hooked back up (Time Warner tends to move slow here..). As soon as I have an update I'll let everyone know.

To those I am trading with - most of you have been waiting for credit, if it goes through in the next week or so, please be patient with me! )

Time to pack...lisighli...



30-05-2007 10:38:11

good luck on your new place 8)


30-05-2007 10:43:19

Thanks Mario, I'm really excited about the new apt D


31-05-2007 12:43:21

good luck. Please let us know how you make the transition with all the sites. I will be moving soon and that is one of my worries. (Fred)


31-05-2007 19:34:03

It isa good you let people know you are moving and will be offline for a bit. This is considerate. As for your sites, I would recheck the TOS for the sites to see if there is a clause for this. If not, I would suggest you contact them directly in a support ticket explaining your situation so you don't get yourself turning red for "multiple IP's". Just a suggestion.


31-05-2007 20:22:12

Thanks alan! I've been in that process for the past couple days, speaking with most site owners via AIM, and opening a support ticket. Thank you for your suggestion though, I appreciate it!! 8)

As for an update, both Time Warner and NYSEG aren't available until June 7th. So we'll be here until then at least ) If anything changes, I'll pop back in here and let you all know! Thanks everyone D