NDJ back on the forum

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29-05-2007 19:11:40

After almost three weeks I am back on the forum. Thanks to all of you who PM'ed me about my father.

I will complete all trades on green by tomorrow. I have PM'ed everyone who I will pay on green.

For those of you on approval unfortunately the site still has not approved me. As soon as they do these trades will also be completed.

I do have a question. Has anyone had any problems with ordercash4free.com? I have been waiting about five weeks for approval.
I have opened several support tickets with them and they keep telling me they approve every 8 days but apparently they do not. They did need a W-9 form but I sent this long ago to the email address they provided. Then they said they never received it because I did not put the right thing in the subject line of the email although they never said that anything special had to be in the subject line when they originally provided the email address. Now they are telling me 8 days again. Do not want to judge but it seems I am getting the run around here. In the meantime, my trades on approval are getting impatient and I do not blame them.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this site?



31-05-2007 12:34:07

It seems like the problem is on your end. You should (if they are all still in good standing) pay those that have been waiting.


31-05-2007 20:03:34

With all due respect, I totally disagree.

First of all, I simply asked if anyone else had any problems with this site. I did not ask for advice on how to conduct my trades. These trades were set up and agreed to with payment on approval. If I listen to you and pay then I might as well have just went ahead and paid on green.

If anyone goes red when the site does approve are you going to reimburse me if I have already paid them and cannot get a refund from them?

I don't think so.

So, back to my original question. If anyone else has had a problem with ordercash4free please let me know.