I am leaving tomorrow at 6 AM

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29-05-2007 14:49:11

Going on the 1yr trip (travel & work) that i raised money for through freebies. Thanks to everyone that helped D and i loved being part of FIPG. See ya all back in a year!

I don't have many trades, just 3 left, and they'll be done by tonight, so i don't think there will be any problems. However, if something arizes, then your best bet is to PM me, but don't espect me to answer all times. I will have little access to a computer, if not at all.



29-05-2007 14:57:49

Not gonna trade abroad? ;)

Take care.


29-05-2007 15:24:28

We will keep a weathered eye on the horizon for your swift return )


29-05-2007 16:24:13

Wow, a whole year? Awesome!! We expect some great stories when you return. Be safe and have a wonderful time!!


29-05-2007 17:52:16

Just keep in touch if you can, and mainly enjoy! )

Big War Bird

29-05-2007 18:11:45

Have a good time! I'm glad I could help.


30-05-2007 05:44:49

Have a plesant trip, it's been a pleasure working and chatting with you
Wishing you the best of luck!



30-05-2007 06:05:20

Enjoy yourself!!! Be safe!!


30-05-2007 07:32:41

glad to know you didn't scam 4847272 people before you left P


30-05-2007 07:38:41

You have withdrawal in a few days ;)

Have a good trip!


30-05-2007 11:25:15

Don't get the runs....


03-06-2007 21:10:03

thanks guys D i am loving it in singapore!!!


03-06-2007 21:42:29

When I saw you post, I was confused, since I didn't think we would see you anymore ... but, glad to see you are loving your traveling, and I'm glad to see you are still stopping by )


11-06-2007 09:33:05

I was sorry I missed saying good-bye, ( but it looks like you're stopping by when you can. ) Hope I was helpful in getting you what you needed, and it was a pleasure chatting with you. Stay safe and have a great year! D


18-06-2007 19:51:11

Wow a whole year. I will miss you. Be safe and dont drink the water. (Fred)

sandra habina

21-06-2007 15:34:16

Have fun Condra. I had to check - saw your post and was confused, I see you just stopped in to say howdy. Stay safe.


22-06-2007 06:54:21

Have a great trip, and don't forget to send us some POSTCARDS !!