Another RED. Shemyoboy is not responsive

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28-05-2007 14:01:41

This person has been given adequate time to refund my money. They went red for offer fraud. They have read my pm's, but no response, and no refund.

From admin at ordergiftsfree
05/25/07 Randy A user you referred,, has been placed on hold. Your status is not affected when a referral is placed on hold, but they do not count toward your referral requirements. Here is the explanation we gave them

Offer Fraud It has been determined that you have frauded one of the offers you completed. This includes providing false information, early cancellation, or completing the offer more than once.

The following notes were also included

It appears you have completed the offer "$1 Trial Globe Juvenile Insurance" on both our Fast Food and Candy sites. This is fraud and against our Terms and Conditions. You will remain on hold.
Mark as Read

Just a heads up everyone!


28-05-2007 14:11:37

Got me too on zeropricetags and I'm assuming on giftorb. I've pm'd a mod. and was going to wait to post, but it appears that this guy is not trustworthy.


28-05-2007 14:13:27

Oh boy. Looks like he got a few then. Whoever he did candy.ordergiftsfree for as well. I gave him the 72 hours, and have now filed a dispute with paypal.

Good luck to us all I guess!


28-05-2007 14:22:45

Did the same, escalated mine to a dispute as well.

Don't understand the scam thing, it seems like alot of work for a few hundred dollars when you can do it right and make thousands. Not to mention all the bad karma coming that way for being a dirtbag.

Just doesn't make sense to me.



28-05-2007 14:25:59

I 100% agree with every word you just said Jason!

I will keep my fingers crossed for all of us that got taken by this guy, and maybe we will get our money back!

Enough said for now. Just have to be patient and see what happens!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! D